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If you want to know about rocket launches from Vandenberg Space Force Base before they become just pretty contrails in the evening sky, this is the place to be.
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Next Launch: Starlink Group 9-3 may launch on a Falcon-9 on the early evening of Thursday, July 11.

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Upcoming Launches
Want to learn what rocket launches are impending?
Perseids Meteor Shower The legacy of comet Swift-Tuttle gives us a natural fireworks viewing opportunity on mid-summer nights...
International Space Station
Information on viewing the International Space Station.
Rainbow trail left by the 10/2/99 M-II launch (photo by Dave Vosburg)
On October 2, 1999, a test of a prospective National Missile Defense interceptor provided much of the U.S. West Coast with some spectacular views of a Minuteman II launch. Check here for photos, films, and viewing reports.
Vandenberg AFB
Some background information on our closest launch facility...
Tour of Vandenberg AFB
A report of my June, 1998 tour (with photos)
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